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  • Looking for a classic FODMAP friendly holiday treat? Check out these low FODMAP gingerbread cookies! #cookies #gingerbread #ginger #holiday #christmas #glutenfree #lactsoefree #FODMAP #lowFODMAP #kidfriendly #recipeLow FODMAP Gingerbread Cookies
    Ok, peeps! It’s confession time. I HATE gingerbread cookies! While I understand they are a traditional holiday treat, I find gingerbread too peppery for my poor little taste buds. So why would I bother creating a low […]
  • How to Survive the Holidays with IBS #IBS #irritablebowelsyndrome #holidays #help #howto #101 #survive #fodmap #lowfodmapHow to Survive the Holidays with IBS
    The holidays can be hard for many reasons. IBS shouldn’t be one of them! While it can be difficult to manage the stress of travel, holiday meals, and the emotions that tag along with the holidays, there are ways to […]
  • Low FODMAP Roasted Chicken - If you're wondering how to give your poultry that coveted crunchy skin without drying out your meat, have I got a recipe for you! #chicken #turkey #roast #Thanksgiving #christmas #dinner #maindish #recipe #glutenfree #lactosefree #FODMAP #lowFODMAPLow FODMAP Roasted Chicken
    If you’re wondering how to give your poultry that coveted crunchy skin without drying out your meat, have I got a recipe for you! This low FODMAP roasted chicken recipe combines a homemade low FODMAP brine with a […]
  • Looking for a classic FODMAP friendly holiday treat? Try these low FODMAP rice krispies! #ricekrispie #snack #dessert #holiday #christmas #baking #glutenfree #lactosefree #fructosefree #fodmap #lowofodmap #recipeLow FODMAP Rice Krispies
    There are so many things I enjoy about the holidays! I love seeing my city covered in lights. I love wreaths, trimmed trees, and holiday music infiltrating my daily activities. But my absolute favourite thing about the […]
  • Looking for an easy breakfast idea? Try these low FODMAP pancakes! Their light butter flavour and fluffy texture make for a delicious classic breakfast or brunch. #breakfast #brunch #pancakes #gluten-free #lactose-free #fodmap #lowfodmap #griddlecakesLow FODMAP Pancakes
    If you’re looking for a cozy breakfast or a classic holiday brunch, these low FODMAP pancakes are a crowd pleaser! Made with a few simple ingredients, these light, and fluffy pancakes will delight your taste buds and […]
  • Low FODMAP Mushroom Crostini
    Now that the holidays are careening toward us at lightning speed, it’s time to start thinking about holiday friendly foods. I have a trouble finding appetizers, partially because of the Low FODMAP Diet, but mostly […]
  • Whether you're looking for a fun Saturday afternoon snack or a leisurely Sunday brunch, these low FODMAP chocolate doughnuts will brighten your day! #breakfast #brunch #snack #doughnut #chocolate #glutenfree #lactosefree #fodmap #lowfodmapLow FODMAP Chocolate Doughnuts
    If you’ve spent much time here at The FODMAP Formula, you’ve probably noticed I have a bit of a sweet tooth. In fact, one of the hardest things for me about following the Low FODMAP Diet has been abstaining from […]
  • Whether you're looking for something to serve on game day or just a healthy snack, this low FODMAP salsa is sure to please. Make with fresh ingredients and a little pizzaz, this recipe will steal the show! #salsa #snack #appetizer #glutenfree #lactosefree #FODMAP #lowFODMAPLow FODMAP Salsa
    Since starting the Low FODMAP Diet, one of the hardest things for me to work around has been salsa. As much as I love salsa and chips, I also have a ton of recipes that use salsa in one way or another. Not being one to give […]
  • Looking for a breakfast on the go or a filling work-day snack? Try these low FODMAP trail mix cookies! Packed with protein and flavour, these cookies will be your go-to on a busy morning! #breakfast #brunch #snack #trailmix #cookie #glutenfree #fodmapLow FODMAP Trail Mix Cookies
    Since starting the Low FODMAP Diet, one of the most challenging meals for me has always been breakfast. I’m pretty busy in the morning, so I need something fast, efficient, and often travel-friendly. One of my […]
  • FODMAP Molecules - Orbital Model - CarbonHow to Make A FODMAP: A Recipe for Disaster
    When talking about how FODMAPs are broken down (or not) in our bodies, it’s important to understand what we’re talking about. So here is a different kind of recipe for you: how to make a FODMAP. What Is an Atom? […]
  • Looking for an easy and delicious FODMAP friendly side dish? Try these low FODMAP green beans! Ready in minutes, this fresh and simple side will delight your taste buds. #glutenfree #fodmap #lowfodmap #sidedish #greenbeansLow FODMAP Green Beans
    Thanksgiving was my first major holiday on the Low FODMAP Diet. Let’s just say it was a learning curve… I had no idea what I could eat during our holiday festivities or what to suggest when family members asked […]
  • Low FODMAP Sugar Cookies - Looking for a delicious treat you can enjoy all year round? Try these low FODMAP sugar cookies! Use whatever cookie cutter you want to enjoy these sweet treats all year long. #gluten-free #fructose-free #lactose-free #FODMAP #lowFODMAP #cookies #HalloweenLow FODMAP Sugar Cookies
    Halloween is one of my favourite holidays! Aside from all the delicious candy, I love any chance to dress up and be silly. But it can be hard to pass all those treats by if you’re new to the Low FODMAP Diet; especially […]
  • Think following a Low FODMAP Diet means you need to skip the gravy? Think again! This low FODMAP gravy will have your dinner dressed to the nines! #FODMAP #owfodmap #glutenfree #lactosefree #gravy #thanksgiving #christamasLow FODMAP Gravy
    Growing up, whenever my mom made anything involving gravy, she would go around the table asking her brood of children how they wanted their dinners dressed. Answers normally ranged from “on my meat, please,” to a […]
  • FODMAP Friendly Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Looking for a show-stopping side? Try these FODMAP friendly roasted garlic mashed potatoes! Perfect for a quiet dinner at home or a large holiday meal. #mashedpotatoes #garlic #potatoes #sidedish #glutenfree #lactosefree #fodmapFODMAP Friendly Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    My husband makes the most amazing mashed potatoes you’ll ever eat! They’re so light and fluffy they evaporate in your mouth; while the delicious flavour of roasted garlic lights up your taste buds. I was so upset […]
  • Are you looking for a delicious gluten-free pizza you can pull out of your pantry? Try this low FODMAP Margherita Pizza! With a few simple swaps, you can enjoy restaurant-worthy pizza at home. #pizza #glutenfree #lactosefree #fodmapLow FODMAP Margherita Pizza
    Since starting the Low FODMAP Diet, I’ve had some hard-core pizza cravings! While there are FODMAP friendly pizza crusts available, they can be hard to find and a pain to keep on hand. So I decided I would make a […]
  • Want to add a little spice to your fall? Try these delicious FODMAP friendly pumpkin tarts. These dainty little pumpkin pies nestled in a flaky pie crust will warm up your insides. #gluten-free #lactosefree #fodmap #lowfodmap #pumpkin #tartFODMAP Friendly Pumpkin Tarts
    Fall may not officially be here, but it’s certainly on its way. How do I know? Aside from the bite in the air, you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with pumpkin spiced concoctions. If the Low FODMAP Diet […]
  • Looking for something to warm up fall? Try this delicious low FODMAP London fog. The combination of earl gray tea and lavender are sure to keep you cozy!Low FODMAP London Fog
    It’s feeling a little crisp outside these days, so I thought I would share something to warm you up! Check out my new favourite thing: a low FODMAP London fog. I’ll admit I was a little late on the London fog […]
  • Looking for a delicious make-ahead breakfast? Try these low FODMAP strawberry scuffins. Make them up to a week in advance for an easy gluten-free breakfast on the go!Low FODMAP Strawberry Scuffins
    I don’t know about you, but first thing in the morning, my head is not in the game! Trying to think of FODMAP friendly breakfast options while I’m getting myself and my family ready for the day isn’t always […]
  • Looking for a kid-friendly low FODMAP lunch or dinner? Try these FODMAP friendly chicken fingers! Made with quinoa, these mouth-watering chicken fingers are a great gluten-free alternative your whole family will enjoy. www.fodmapformula.comFODMAP Friendly Chicken Fingers
    Following a low FODMAP diet can be difficult at the best of times. Throw in a spouse and/or some kids and a time crunching schedule and you’ve got a recipe for chaos! It can be hard to find low FODMAP recipes the whole […]
  • Low FODMAP Pulled Pork - Looking for a quick and easy dinner? Try this FODMAP friendly pulled pork. Just pop it in your slow cooker before you leave and have a delicious low FODMAP dinner when you return.Low FODMAP Pulled Pork
    Summer is slowly winding down and that can mean only one thing: back to school season is upon us! So, if you’re in the market for a make-ahead low FODMAP dinner, try this tasty low FODMAP pulled pork. I love this […]
  • Wondering how to complete the re-challenge phase of the Low FODMAP Diet? Check out this article for an explanation of why you need to re-challenge and how to get it done.How To Complete the Re-Challenge Phase
    If you’ve completed the elimination phase of the Low FODMAP Diet, you’re probably feeling pretty good. This can make it hard to transition into the re-challenge phase; especially when you know you will likely […]
  • Low FODMAP Mint Berry Frozen Yogurt - Looking for a fun summer treat? Try this Low FODMAP Mint Berry Frozen Yogurt! It makes a great dessert or just a tasty treat!Low FODMAP Mint Berry Frozen Yogurt
    Summer is winding down here in Toronto. Leaves seem to be leaping off trees to litter my lawn and frankly, I find the whole thing a little depressing. So, as my own personal rebellion, I’m sharing my awesome low FODMAP […]
  • Low FODMAP Salad Dressing: Try these three easy low FODAMP salad dressing options to liven up your fibre. This post includes recipes for a low FODMAP balsamic vinaigrette, Low FODMAP Greek Dressing, and a Low FODAMP Catalina Dressing. Enjoy! www.fodmapformula.comLow FODMAP Salad Dressing
    If you’ve read a few of my posts or followed me on Instagram, you may have noticed I prefer my salads naked. Just so you know, I wasn’t always a salad nudist. But after starting the Low FODMAP Diet, it was so […]
  • Low FODMAP Salad Ideas3 Low FODMAP Salad Ideas
    Do you need some lunch time inspiration? Try one of these low FODMAP salad ideas. Each salad can be made in advance to take to work or school. Take what you need from each recipe and make them your own. Remember to let me […]
  • Running out of low FODMAP lunch ideas? Check out these Low FODMAP sandwiches. Try a low fodmap toasted tomato sandwich, a BLT, or an egg salad sandwich.Low FODMAP Lunch Ideas
    While it can be fun to unleash your creativity on the Low FODMAP Diet, sometimes it’s helpful to go back to the basics. So this week, I’d like to talk about some easy low FODMAP lunch ideas. Specifically, my […]
  • These fall off the bone ribs are the perfect combination of sweet and spice. Seasoned with a FODMAP friendly dry rub and then coated with a delicious low FODMAP BBQ sauce, this recipe is a winner! www.fodmapformula.comLow FODMAP BBQ Ribs
    A few weeks after being placed on the Low FODMAP Diet, my husband and I were invited to a BBQ by a coworker. I remember convincing myself on the way there that the most difficult part would be explaining why I wasn’t […]
  • Try this FODMAP friendly pan-fried steak for lunch or dinner. Ready in 25 minutes, this low FODMAP meal is a convenient source of protein. www.fodmapformula.comFODMAP Friendly Pan-Fried Steak
    My family is a huge fan of BBQ season, but unfortunately, sometimes mother nature has other plans. This summer has been a little on the rainy side, so we’ve had to take some of our BBQing indoors. This is how I […]
  • FODMAP friendly sweet potato fries.FODMAP Friendly Sweet Potato Fries
    Now that we’re getting to know each other, you should know I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes. I especially love their silky texture and sweet, starchy flavour. So I was deeply saddened to find out they were a red […]
  • Low FODMAP Summer Bruschetta Bites (breakfast, brunch, appetizer, snack, dessert, series)Low FODMAP Summer Bruschetta Bites
    Growing up in Ontario I have an obsession with fresh, local strawberries! Now that they’re popping up in our local store, I look for any opportunity to incorporate them into my daily meals. One of my latest experiments […]
  • Low FODMAP Seasoned Carrots - This Low FODMAP side dish is great for a family dinner, party or FODMAP friendly holiday meal.Low FODMAP Seasoned Carrots
    Balancing your FODMAP load while managing multiple dishes can be complicated. In our house, this is the most evident at dinner. Between our headlining dish and one or two sides, there are so many places for FODMAPs to […]
  • Low FODMAP Butter Tarts (gluten-free butter tarts) cooling on wire rackLow FODMAP Butter Tarts
    One of the first things I learned about my husband, is that he is obsessed with butter tarts! Being Canadian, this is pretty normal. However, for my husband, not just any butter tart will do. In fact, his obsession revolves […]
  • Low FODMAP Lemon & Garlic Chicken Breast with fruit saladLow FODMAP Lemon and Garlic Chicken
    When following a diet as restrictive as the Low FODMAP Diet, it can be a challenge to keep your safe foods interesting. Chicken is a pretty standard meal in our home, so finding ways to make it feel like a special occasion […]
  • Low FODMAP Haystack Cookies by The FODMAP FormulaLow FODMAP Haystack Cookies
    For those of you who follow me regularly, you’ve probably noticed I have a bit of a sweet tooth. So, true to form, I’ve got another sweet treat for you: Low FODMAP Haystack Cookies. I found this recipe in high […]
  • Understanding Irritable Bowel SyndromeWhat is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?
    If you are suffering from digestive issues, your internet travels may have led you to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. So what is IBS? And, more importantly, do you have it? The answer to both questions is complicated. In this […]
  • FODMAP friendly Breaded Pork Chops with roasted carrots and potatoesFODMAP Friendly Breaded Pork Chops
    If you’re looking for a quick and versatile main dish, I’ve got you covered! These cute little FODMAP friendly breaded pork chops cook in 10 minutes and are absolutely delicious! Try them with a delicious root […]
  • Low FODMAP Cinnamon Buns in glass dishLow FODMAP Cinnamon Buns
    A few weeks before I was diagnosed with IBS I learned to make cinnamon buns. These gooey, sugary treats were going to be the highlight of my summer. Sadly, that dream ended when I began the Low FODMAP Diet. With another […]
  • Low FODMAP Quinoa Salad overhead viewLow FODMAP Quinoa Salad
    When I started the Low FODMAP Diet, my first week did not go well. While my diet was free of FODMAPs, it was also somewhat free of food. I spent my first few days eating plain rice, the vegetables listed in my pamphlet, and […]
  • Low FODMAP Roasted Vegetables with Feta and RosemaryLow FODMAP Roasted Vegetables with Feta & Rosemary
    Between helping my husband with his business, managing my own projects, and organizing our family schedule, things can get a little hectic in our house! If you’re anything like me, you likely had some go-to recipes to […]
  • Looking for a low fodmap dinner idea? Try this FODMAP friendly baked ziti!FODMAP Friendly Baked Ziti
    I have a very specific memory of the day I was placed on the Low FODMAP Diet. I remember sitting across from my husband in our living room utterly overwhelmed and defeated; listening to him quietly list the foods he would […]
  • Low FODMAP Shortbread Flower on plateFODMAP Friendly Shortbread Cookies
    Here in Toronto, spring is doing its best to settle in. As temperatures rise and the sun peaks timidly through our curtains each morning, I feel like celebrating! So, I thought this week we could make a sweet spring treat: […]
  • Low FODMAP Nachos on Baking SheetFully Loaded Low FODMAP Nachos
    The night before I began the Low FODMAP Diet, my husband took me out for what we dubbed my “last meal.” He took me to our favourite pub and we enjoyed a plate of delicious nachos. All that cheese and guacamole […]
  • Low FODMAP Crunchy Granola in bowl on wooden tableLow FODMAP Crunchy Granola
    I love granola because of its versatility. It’s delicious on a cold morning or a sunny afternoon, easy to carry with you while hiking or camping, or just sitting in your car, and will fill you up when you’re […]
  • Low FODMAP Diet Food Journal3 Reasons to Keep A Food Journal
    IBS can be as confusing to manage as it is to have. Between sleep schedules, personal health, stress levels, and your diet, there are simply too many factors for your brain to correctly form correlations. So how do you know […]
  • Low FODMAP Bacon and Cheddar Scuffins on Wire RackLow FODMAP Bacon and Cheddar Scuffins
    Managing stress is an important part of my symptom management program. As morning is a stressful point in the day for me, I benefit from breakfasts I can prepare in advance. One of my regular recipes is low FODMAP bacon and […]
  • Low FODMAP Calzone on plateFODMAP Friendly Calzones
    Following the Low FODMAP Diet often makes me feel a little abnormal. So I get excited when I find every-day things I can Franken-FODMAP back into my diet. This is why I was so excited when I successfully made FODMAP friendly […]
  • Low FODMAP Friendly Snacks - Woman eating out of jarFODMAP Friendly Snack Ideas
    Hunger has a nasty habit of sneaking up on you. Make sure you plan for unexpected hunger pangs by having FODMAP friendly snacks at the ready. The kind of snack you choose will depend on your personal taste and what you need […]
  • FODMAP Friendly Chocolate Chip CookieLow FODMAP Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Sometimes I feel the Low FODMAP Diet would be easier if the rest of the world could stop flaunting their high FODMAP food. But, like you, I don’t live in a vacuum. Instead, I have to contend daily with ravenous […]
  • Low FODMAP Spaghetti Squash LasagnaLow FODMAP Spaghetti Squash Lasagna
    Two years before I was diagnosed with IBS, I decided I wanted to learn the art of cooking. This was concept was pretty amusing to my husband who was basically born a culinary artist. He was, however, kind enough to stifle […]
  • FODMAP Friendly Appetizer - Caprese SticksFODMAP Friendly Caprese sticks
    When I started the Low FODMAP Diet, I worried my dietary restrictions would make it impossible to host parties and social events in my home; especially during the elimination phase. However, I have learned over time, that […]
  • This colourful dish is quick and easy! Cook your peppers while you make your stuffing, throw them in the oven for 20 minutes and sit down to a delicious meal. #glutenfree #lactosefree #stuffedpeppers #lowfodmap #fodmapLow FODMAP Stuffed Peppers
    Stuffed peppers are one of the first meals I learned to make after my husband taught me to boil water. They quickly became a regular and welcome part of our meal rotation. When we realized our recipe wouldn’t translate […]
  • Setting BoundariesHow to Set Boundaries for Success
    It can be hard to resist high FODMAP temptations while out and about, let alone at 4 am when your willpower has deserted you. For this reason, most experts recommend removing high FODMAP foods from your pantry. However, you […]
  • Low FODMAP Fruit and Walnut Salad with Blueberries and FetaLow FODMAP Fruit and Walnut Salad
    If you’re looking for a yummy way to add some FODMAP friendly fiber to your diet, try my fruit and walnut salad. Normally this is a summer salad; but, considering it’s a delicious way to add fiber and protein to […]
  • Low FODMAP Baked Egg CupsFODMAP Friendly Baked Egg Cups
    As an active person, I need a lot of protein in my diet. Though I try to work some in at every meal, my day starts best when I have a protein filled breakfast. While this is great in theory, I don’t always have time in […]
  • Happy young people having hot drinks outdoors in cafe.Living on the Low FODMAP Diet
    How to Integrate low FODMAP food into Your Life When I was diagnosed with IBS, initially I was relieved to have my symptoms validated. But as I looked over my Low FODMAP Diet pamphlet I became overwhelmed. I wasn’t […]
  • Low FODMAP Mini Paprika Potatoes #potatoes #roasted #paprika #seasoned #sidedish #lunch #breakfast #brunch #glutenfree #lactosefree #fodmap #lowfodmapLow FODMAP Mini Paprika Potatoes
    My husband brought our mini paprika potato recipe back from a trip to a friend’s cottage and we have been in love with it ever since. We had to make a few adjustments when I started the Low FODMAP Diet, but these […]
  • 3 Things you forgot to plan for3 Things You Forgot to Plan For
    So you started the Low FODMAP Diet. You’ve researched the FODMAP groups. You are confident you understand each phase of the Low FODMAP Diet and how to execute it. You’ve pitched your high FODMAP perishables, […]
  • Low FODMAP Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsChocolate Peanut Butter Cups
    I don’t know about you, but my Valentines Day chocolate cravings start approximately New Year’s day. This is likely because while you and I ring in the new year, displays dripping with chocolate and candy are […]
  • Low FODMAP PantryHow to Prepare for the Low FODMAP Diet
    I learned about the Low FODMAP Diet when I was diagnosed with IBS in 2016. After battling my gut for most of my life, I was ecstatic to hear I might finally find relief. Unfortunately, beginning the Low FODMAP Diet is not as […]
  • Low FODMAP Chicken Breast - Pub RubFODMAP Friendly Chicken Pub Rub
    One of the easiest ways to mix and match meals on the Low FODMAP Diet is to pick a protein, a safe starch, and safe veggies for each meal. Using this method you can cycle through several meal variations throughout the week […]
  • FODMAP Friendly Chocolate CupcakeFODMAP Friendly Chocolate Cupcakes
    Valentines Day is fast approaching and as a result, you may have chocolate on the brain. Don’t worry, I have your cravings covered with my FODMAP friendly chocolate cupcakes! Because I am a chocolate fiend, one of my […]
  • Low FODMAP Taco SeasoningLow FODMAP Taco Seasoning
    When people ask me what advice I would give someone starting the Low FODMAP Diet, I tend to say preparation is key. However, I’m not talking about monthly meal planning or grocery lists. Though these are important, I […]
  • Pregnant woman weighing herself on a bathroom scale3 Things the Low FODMAP Diet is Not
    The Low FODMAP Diet has many benefits. It reduces IBS symptoms, limits the processed food we eat, and, hopefully, provides control over our daily lives. Since we have explored what the Low FODMAP Diet is, we should also […]
  • Low FODMAP Spicy Pasta Sauce #pasta #spaghetti #sauce #bolognese #beef #glutenfree #fodmap #lowfodmap #lactosefreeLow FODMAP Spicy Pasta Sauce
    The Low FODMAP Diet can be frustrating in the beginning! It takes time and effort to source quick, easy, and delicious recipes. My recommendation is to test out some core recipes before you start the diet if possible. This […]
  • Low FODMAP Bacon and Eggs5 FODMAP Friendly Breakfast Ideas
    I don’t know about you, but it takes at least an hour for my brain to turn on in the morning. This means, for me, breakfast must be something I can do on autopilot. While places like Pinterest are full of FODMAP […]
  • Steak on plate with roasted potatoes and rosemary garnishWhat is the Low FODMAP Diet?
    The Low FODMAP Diet was developed by Monash University in 2005. The diet consists of three phases: the first clears up your symptoms, the second, tests your tolerance to individual FODMAP groups, and the third and final […]
  • Infographic describing FODMAP groupsWhat is a FODMAP?
    If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with IBS, you’ve likely heard of the Low FODMAP Diet. Your doctor may have mentioned that following this specific diet may reduce your IBS symptoms, which sounds […]