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Welcome! Whether you’re new to the Low FODMAP Diet or an old pro, there’s always something new to learn. Here at The FODMAP Formula, there are three things we like to explore:

The Science

Your body can be a confusing place to live! For people with IBS, it’s important to learn as much as possible about how internal systems both support and impact one another. It’s also essential to understand the basic science of FODMAPs, including how they’re built, and why they can cause problems.

The Food

The purpose of the Low FODMAP Diet is to relieve IBS symptoms so you can enjoy your life. Eating three bland meals a day is not what they mean. Your diet should be full of colour and flavour and excitement! By making some minor adjustments to old standards and keeping an open mind, you, and your family can enjoy a variety of delicious meals.

The Life

Food is ingrained in our culture. We meet friends for coffee, we socialize over cheese plates, and we gather our families to celebrate around elaborate holiday meals. Utilizing the Low FODMAP Diet means learning to balance your dietary needs with your actual life.

So take a look around, and see how we can help get your low FODMAP diet down to a science. Happy FODMAPing!