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Low FODMAP Holiday Spirits

Worried you’ll ring in the new year with an empty glass? The low FODMAP Diet doesn’t need to put a kink in your holiday plans. While some patients react to alcohol itself, lots of people can have small amounts of FODMAP friendly alcohol. So, dust off that shaker. Your new year’s toast may be back on the menu.

From left to right, rye and ginger, gin and raspberry soda, vodka and cranberry juice with text overlay - Low FODMAP holiday spirits

There are lots of low FODMAP options when it comes to FODMAP friendly alcoholic drinks. Check out some FODMAP friendly options below.


According to Monash University, one (375 ml) can of beer is safe per sitting. Even though beer is made from high FODMAP grains, there aren’t enough FODMAPs in a single serving to trigger symptoms in most patients.

Just so you know, cider hasn’t been tested by Monash yet. Since cider is made from apples, it doesn’t fall under the general “beer” umbrella. So, you should avoid it if you’re in the elimination phase.


Monash University says wine is safe in servings of one glass (150 ml) per sitting. This means most patients are fine ringing in the new year with red, white, or sparkling wine.

Need help choosing the right wine for your new years toast? Check out this holiday wine list from Upkeep: Wine Body & Soul.


Holiday Spirits

If beer or wine isn’t your thing, check out these low FODMAP holiday spirits.

Classic Rye and Ginger

Add one serving of whiskey to a tumbler of FODMAP friendly ginger beer. According to Monash University, one serving (30 ml) of whiskey is ok for most IBS patients. Serve with a wedge of lime.

Rolling Estonian (Twisted Vodka Cranberry)

To try this classic vodka cran with a twist, add one serving of vodka, 1 tbsp of simple syrup, and a splash of club soda to a glass of 100% cranberry juice. Then drop in a lemon wheel for a hint of citrus. According to Monash University, one serving (30 ml) of vodka is tolerated by most IBS patients.

Remember to double-check your cranberry juice is 100% cranberries. Lots of popular brands add apple juice or glucose-fructose to sweeten their juices. While it tastes delicious, it’s not FODMAP friendly.

According to Monash University, one serving (30 ml) of vodka is ok for most IBS patients.

Raspberry Vanilla Soda with Gin

Add one serving of gin to a glass of PC’s raspberry vanilla cane sugar soda. Serve with a lemon twist. If you can’t find raspberry vanilla soda, swap it out for any low FODMAP floral or berry-based soda.

According to Monash University, one serving (30 ml) of vodka is ok for most  IBS patients.

Final Thoughts

I hope these low FODMAP holiday spirits help you ring in the new year in style. Don’t forget to test out your drink of choice before you celebrate. While these drinks are low FODMAP, alcohol is still a gut irritant. So, make sure you’re not sensitive to the alcohol itself ahead of time.

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