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Low FODMAP Holiday Spirits

Worried following the Low FODMAP Diet means you’ll ring in the new year with an empty glass? While some patients react to alcohol itself, many IBS patients can tolerate small amounts of FODMAP friendly alcohol.

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For starters, Monash has determined that one (375ml) can of beer or one (150ml) glass of red, white, or sparkling wine is tolerated by most patients. Need help choosing the right wine for your new years toast? Check out this holiday wine list from Upkeep: Wine Body & Soul. If you’re looking for something a little fancy, you can check out more low FODMAP holiday spirits below!

Remember, even if an alcoholic drink is safe from a low FODMAP standpoint, alcohol is still a gut irritant. Make sure to test your recipe of choice before your party and to save it for when it counts; as Monash’s recommended servings are per sitting (a period of 3 hours).

Classic Rye and Ginger

Add one serving of whiskey to a tumbler of FODMAP friendly ginger beer. Monash states that one serving (30ml) of whiskey is tolerated by most IBS patients.

Check your local grocery store and your local farmers market for low FODMAP ginger beer options. Serve with a wedge of lime.

Rolling Estonian (Twisted Vodka Cranberry)

To try this classic vodka cran with a twist, add one serving of vodka, 1 tbsp of simple syrup, and a splash of sparkling water to a glass of 100% cranberry juice. Drop in a lemon wheel for a hint of citrus. Remember to confirm your cranberry juice is 100% cranberries. Many companies add apple juice and glucose-fructose to sweeten their juice products.

Monash states that one serving (30ml) of vodka is tolerated by most IBS patients.

Raspberry Vanilla Soda with Gin

Add one serving of gin to a glass of PC’s raspberry vanilla cane sugar soda. Serve with a lemon twist. If you don’t have access to PC products, swap out the raspberry cane sugar soda for any low FODMAP floral or berry-based soda.

Monash has determined that one serving (30ml) of vodka is tolerated by most  IBS patients.

Have another low FODMAP spirit you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below! Together we’ll get the Low FODMAP Diet down to a science.

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