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So, you’re looking for some resources? Take a look below and see if we have what you need. If not, feel free to make requests for future content on the Contact Me page.

The FODMAP Formula Resources

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?
What is a FODMAP?
What is the Low FODMAP Diet?
How to Complete the Re-Challenge Phase
How to Prepare for the Low FODMAP Diet
How to Live on the Low FODMAP Diet
How to Set Boundaries on the Low FODMAP Diet
3 Reasons to Keep a Food Journal

Monash University Resources

IBS Landing Page
Low FODMAP Diet Blog
Monash Low FODMAP Diet App
Why the Low FODMAP Diet Is Not for Life
Eating Dairy Products on the Low FODMAP Diet
Testing your tolerance to untested foods
Why dietitians are recommended for the Low FODMAP Diet (Part 1)
Why dietitians are recommended for the Low FODMAP Diet (Part 2)

External Websites & Resources

What Is Visceral Hypersensitivity?
Visceral Hypersensitivity: A Major Source of Abdominal Pain
The Link Between IBS and Anxiety
Understanding your Microbiome
Understanding Medication for IBS-D
How to find an IBS doctor

Medical Research and Journals

Low-fiber diet may cause irreversible depletion of gut bacteria…
Managing irritable bowel syndrome: The low-FODMAP diet
The gut-brain axis: interactions between enteric microbiota, central and enteric…
The World Gastroenterology Organization: Probiotics and Prebiotics
Gut microbiota role in irritable bowel syndrome: new therapeutic strategies
The Overlap between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity…
Intestinal microbiota and diet in IBS: causes, consequences, or epiphenomena?
Fermentable Carbohydrate Restriction Reduces Luminal Bifidobacteria and…